Mediation Services
Community Mediation
We offer mediation and facilitation services for a wide range of community issues  »
  Personal Injury Disputes generally involve a claim by someone who has suffered an injury requiring medical treatment as the »
Consumer Disputes
If a product does not perform as represented,
the consumer can assett
a claim »
  Public Policy Disputes
often address urban planning issues such as the rezoning of property, the development »
Contractual Disputes
arise when either party feels that the other did not adequately perform his part of the contract »
  Real Estate Disputes
may include buyers, sellers, real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, contractors »
Mediation Arbitration Online offers an alternative to legal action. Services include community-based mediation, consumer desputes, contractual disputes, personal injury disputes, public policy disputes, and real estate disputes.

Trained mediators and moderators help parties reach agreement before the problem leads to a costly lawsuit or violence.

If you have a problem or lawsuit, mediation may be beneficial.

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